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Video is such an important part of life. It show’s us life in motion. Something that pictures just can’t do. When it comes to making video’s I take that world life very seriously. So i’ve coined the phrase Life Production, because thats what video is. A production of life in progess. My video experience started with major companies which taught me to shatter deadlines and deliver over and beyond to the best of my ability.


Wedding’s, music videos, commercials, birthday party’s, event’s and more. Beyond Creativity is versatile and flexible in the creative process to make sure that you have the most unique, professional & quality video possible.  We have traveled all around the country to film and we hope to serve you next!  Take a look at the process and sample video’s below!




the process


We will make time to speak to each other in person, over the phone, or over the internet via Skype & FaceTime. It will give me a opportunity to get to know you better and vice versa, also we'll be able to nail down the vision for your video and lock down an execution strategy for your vision.


Video's can be complex in nature so we want to make sure we are openly communicating via phone or email to make sure we have all the provision's we need and are set to film on shoot day.

Let's Talk ...
Set A Date

After all the planing it’s time to pick a date that works best for you or your particular event. A deposit is required to lock in this date and time and we’ll sign a contract to solidify our agreement.


If something arises that causes date's to change ( such as sickness, act's of God, emergencys' ) NO WORRIES! we will regroup and take a look at our options! We'll do everything in our power to lock in another date thats close and convenient for you!


Shoot Day

The day has arived for your close up! Me or my team will  meet at the location outlined in the contract and usually we'll show up early to film "B" Roll or to check and set up our equipment.


After that, it's time for all the pre-planning to pay off and make a great video! Most video's have a turn around of 3 weeks ( Results may very) and we will revise as much as we need to get the final vision in line with your expectations or beyond!




Once the final revision's or edits are complete I can deliver your video in a couple of way's.



Send you a direct download of a digital copy for online use.



Digital delivery through dropbox or mail on a hard drive.


music video's
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Bigg Rufus " I'm Sorry"
Yaw Osei-Owusu- “Woso Na Wo Kron”
EXPRESSBALL The Future of Bowling ( One Min Spot)